HAECO Americas Press Release

TIMCO Joins Purple Heart Homes, Crescent City Rotary Club and Home Depot in Presenting Decorated Veteran with Renovated Home

GREENSBORO, NC—11 November, 2013 … TIMCO Aviation Services (“TIMCO”) employees joined Purple Heart Homes (“PHH”), Crescent City Rotary Club and Home Depot in presenting a newly renovated home to veteran U.S. Marine Sergeant and Purple Heart recipient Nathan Harris. For TIMCO, this marked the culmination of its initial project with PHH, an organization dedicated to providing new housing and pathways toward an improved quality of life for service-connected, disabled veterans.

Over the last couple of months, TIMCO employees held a multi-facility kick-off lunch, participated in several fundraising raffles and volunteered their skills and time to work on the house for Sergeant Harris, who was wounded in Afghanistan.

Bill Norman, President of MRO Services, said, “All of us at TIMCO feel honored to be part of this program. Our family has gone above and beyond in launching our new relationship with Purple Heart Homes.” He added, “On this Veteran’s Day, we are truly excited to be able show our support, admiration and thanks to veterans like Sergeant Harris who have given so much for their country.”

PHH identifies candidate veterans and secures potential home properties in communities near their families and friends, volunteers from sponsoring organizations, like TIMCO, are given the opportunity to help with the renovation and construction of the new homes. PHH further helps the veterans gain greater dignity as active and productive members of society by helping them to secure jobs and navigate the complexities of home ownership.